Screens of tomorrow is a movement initiated by a hundred French audiovisual and film professionals who want to tell stories that highlight a more inclusive and sustainable society. These works of fiction, whatever their form, are not necessarily militant or dogmatic in nature. They preserve the narrative arc of stories that are captivating, intriguing, moving, compelling, and successful. They take inspiration from current concerns to normalise sustainable behaviour on the screen and contribute to raising awareness in the general public.

This non-profit approach, initiated by Sparknews (environmental and social storytelling expert) and Get the Moon (film industry expert), was funded by industry stakeholders and several foundations. None of the participants had a private interest in this collaborative project, but all have found it to be of collective interest for their work and their teams.

The guide

This guide, created by and for TV and film professionals, serves as a means for reflecting upon writing and storyline development routines to create new reference points for viewers. It includes a questionnaire and resource centre containing studies and expert advice.

Three versions of the guide are available for writing, production, and distribution professionals, so everyone can take action within their own context as part of a collective industry-wide approach.

The resource centre

This resource centre allows you to deepen your knowledge of social and environmental issues and how they are represented or addressed within your industry. It provides access to a non-exhaustive library of reports and studies that address these issues. It also introduces organisations and experts you can call upon to take the next step.

  • Secoya


    Secoya is a consultancy company that aims to reduce the environmental impact of the audiovisual industry and provides a free tool available to all film crews: Seco2, which calculates the […]

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