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This resource centre allows you to deepen your knowledge of social and environmental issues and how they are represented or addressed within your industry. It provides access to a non-exhaustive library of reports and studies that address these issues. It also introduces organisations and experts you can call upon to take the next step.

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  • Cineuropa


    Cineuropa is an online information portal that promotes cinema and culture worldwide, designed for both industry professionals and wider audiences. To go further

  • Colette


    Colette is an artistic agency of actors, actresses, directors, scriptwriters, writers and directors for film, television and platforms, who are inspired by the real to inspire the real. To go […]

  • IEA – Net Zero by 2050

    IEA – Net Zero by 2050

    This report produced in October 2021 is a study of different strategies to achieve a net zero energy system by 2050 while ensuring stable and affordable energy supply, providing universal […]

  • Sparknews


    Sparknews promotes new narratives with and for compagnies, the media stakeholders and the cultural industry. Neither a consulting firm, nor a positive press agency, nor a media dedicated to sustainable […]

  • The Vito Russo Test

    The Vito Russo Test

    The Vito Russo test takes into account a set of criteria to analyse how LGBTQ characters are included in a film. The “Vito Russo Test” is named after the renowned […]

  • The Peirce Test

    The Peirce Test

    Peirce’s test focuses on the depth of female characters, the criteria being the following: there must be a female character (protagonist or antagonist) with her own story, who has dimension […]

  • Deauville Green Awards

    Deauville Green Awards

    Deauville Green Awards select and reward the best advertising, institutional and documentary films on 15 themes related to the environment and CSR. It is an international festival of eco-responsible films. […]

  • WRI – World Resources Institute

    WRI – World Resources Institute

    World Resources Institute is a global research organisation that works with governments, businesses, multilateral institutions and civil society groups to develop practical solutions that improve people’s lives and allow nature […]

  • The Riz Test

    The Riz Test

    The Rice Test incorporates a set of criteria to measure how Muslims are portrayed in film and television in order to combat Islamophobic stereotypes and tropes in films and television […]

  • ACE Producers

    ACE Producers

    Strengthening independent producers, ACE Producers enables profound collaborations through honest dialogue in the safe trusted space of the ACE Network and fosters valuable exchange of high-level knowledge about the independent […]

  • EFAD – European Film Agencies

    EFAD – European Film Agencies

    EFAD is the voice of national European Film Agencies, bringing together national film and audiovisual agencies from European countries. The 37 EFAD members are government or government associated public bodies, […]

  • Secoya


    Secoya is a consultancy compagny that aims to reduce the environmental impact of the audiovisual industry and provides a free tool available to all film crews: Seco2, which calculates the […]

  • Good Energy Stories

    Good Energy Stories

    Good Energy Stories is an English-language, not-for-profit creative consultancy that aims to mobilise television and film professionals to produce fiction that inspires action on climate change. To go further

  • Climate Chance

    Climate Chance

    Climate chance strengthens the climate action of local authorities, companies and civil society and contributes to achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement. To go further

  • Festival Atmosphères

    Festival Atmosphères

    The Festival Atmosphères is at the crossroads of Cinema, Arts and Sciences and invites the general public to be moved to question the world and envisage solutions for a sustainable […]

  • Collectif 50/50

    Collectif 50/50

    The Collectif 50/50 brings together more than 1,500 professionals from the French film and audiovisual industry to engage in a reflection and a fight for equality, parity and diversity in […]

  • The DuVernay Test

    The DuVernay Test

    To pass the DuVernay test, an African-American character – or a character from another minority – must have a “fully realized” life, with his or her own desires, rather than […]

  • Circle Economy

    Circle Economy

    Circle Economy helps businesses understand their current state of circularity, analyse and act on opportunities and risks, and develop a vision to become circular champions in their fields. Circle Economy […]

  • Get The Moon

    Get The Moon

    Get the moon is an agency specialising in entertainment marketing and particularly in impact films. They create ecosystems around the films in which public institutions and organisations, federations, associations, foundations, […]

  • Cinema for change

    Cinema for change

    Cinema for Change is a festival for the general public that offers screenings and debates on films that embody the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. It also rewards short films […]

  • UNCCD – Global Land Outlook 2

    UNCCD – Global Land Outlook 2

    This Summary for Decision Makers, produced in 2022, provides a synthesis of the key messages contained in GLO2. It outlines the enabling conditions and diverse pathways by which countries and […]

  • Echo Studio

    Echo Studio

    Echo Studiois a production and distribution company for impact films (documentaries and feature films), in TV and cinema. They also specialise in impact campaigns that aim to bring the issue […]

  • Carbone 4

    Carbone 4

    Carbone 4 supports the transformation of organisations towards decarbonisation and adaptation to climate change. To go further

  • Ecological Awakening

    Ecological Awakening

    This collective proposes concrete tools to help students mobilise their schools and universities to better educate themselves on ecological issues and help young graduates choose an employer committed to the […]

  • Ecoprod


    Created in 2009 and transformed into an association in 2021, Ecoprod’s mission is to raise awareness of the environmental impact of the French audiovisual and film industry. Ecoprod’s ambition is […]

  • Harris Interactive

    Harris Interactive

    Harris Interactive is a market research and opinion polling company. The company carries out both quantitative and qualitative research using different methodologies. To go further

  • Circularity Gap World

    Circularity Gap World

    Circularity Gap World highlights the urgent need for a transition to a circular economy with the aim of empowering key decision-makers at both government and business level to coordinate actions […]

  • The Bechdel Test

    The Bechdel Test

    The Bechdel test, or Bechdel-Wallace test, aims to show the over-representation of male protagonists or the under-representation of female characters in a work of fiction. If the work meets the […]

  • The Planet Test

    The Planet Test

    The Planet Test is a test of the representation of the environment and nature on screen. A television programme or film would only pass the Planet Test if it answered […]

  • FAO – The State of Food and Agriculture

    FAO – The State of Food and Agriculture

    This report highlights the need for improved water governance, which aims to ensure the wise use of water resources while preserving water ecosystem services and ensuring equitable access for all. […]